Creativity of the students

Beautiful virtual Art Exhibition, by students from the 44th Primary School of Larisa, supervised by teacher Thomae Tzitzi, based on the InSTEAM ILS: “Is Climate Change real? – An artistic point of view”. Virtual exhibition They also made a wonderful Book, have a look

Inclusive Terminology

The consortium took into account the follow obstacles: (1) people with a low standard of living, low income (economic obstacles) (2) minorities, immigrants, refugees (social-economic obstacles) (3) students, high/low achievers (4) remote or rural areas; small islands or in peripheral regions; urban problem zones; less serviced areas (limited public transport, poor facilities), e.g. geographical obstacles […]


Despite the COVID-19 quarantine the inSTEAM met for alternative online transnational projects meeting. The consortium discussed the inquiry-based approach for inSTEAM lessons in cooperation with social inclusion. The consortium reviewed design criteria and templates for the development of the inquiry learning lessons (or ILS) according to four different impacts – scientific, social-economic, open schooling, and […]

InSTEAM kick-off meeting

The first Transnational meeting took place 10-11 Dec., 2019 at the University of Deusto. The consortium has reorganized and discussed the new work plan. Partners has discussed a strategic execution plan for Intellectual Output 2 (O2), incorporating O1 and O3, and Multiplier Events; impact O2 on local, regional and transnational levels;  plans on quality assurance, […]